Department of Mathematics
"Francesco Brioschi"
Politecnico di Milano

Welcome to the Web Portals of the Department of Mathematics

Starting points for all the institutional information about the department and its main centers of activities
WWW - Department main web site: General infos, research, didactics, agenda, web services,... (italian and english)
MOX - Laboratory for Modeling and Scientific Computing: Initiatives, research and projects on applied mathematics, numerical analisys and statistics (italian and english)
FDS - Didactic Laboratory: Initiatives about Didactics on Mathematics (italian only)
QFinLab - Quantitative Finance Lab
EquaDif - Research unit on mathematical analysis
Library - The Library of the Department of Mathematics:
Starting points for the information about the formative offer of the Department
IM - Mathematical Engineering Course of Study: Bachelor and Master programmes in Mathematical Engineering (italian and english)
PhD - PhD programme in Mathematical Engineering (english only)
online resources, reference and library services (italian and english)
AIM - Web portal of the Associazione Ingegneri Matematici: information, job placement, events, organized by the students in mathematical engineering (italian only)