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F. Gazzola – H.-Ch. Grunau – G. Sweers:    Polyharmonic boundary value problems

A monograph on positivity preserving and nonlinear higher order elliptic equations in bounded domains [Pdf]      Errata Corrige Pdf
Springer Lecture Notes in Mathematics n. 1991, 2010.   [Cover]            Copyright: Springer-Verlag. The original monograph is available on

Picture: the end of the book


F. Gazzola:    Mathematical models for Suspension Bridges – Nonlinear Structural Instability

MS&A 15   MS&A-page

Modeling, Simulation and Applications, Vol.15, 2015, Springer-Verlag   BOOK


M. Garrione F. Gazzola:    Nonlinear equations for beams and degenerate plates with piers

PoliMi Springer Briefs, 2019   SpringerPage          Preliminary version


A. Ferrero – F. Gazzola – M. Zanotti:    Elementi di Analisi Superiore per la Fisica e l’Ingegneria

Ed. Esculapio  --  Copertina  --  Indice

Also available in English:    Elements of Advanced Mathematical Analysis for Physics and Engineering


F. Gazzola – F. Tomarelli -- M. Zanotti:    Analisi Complessa, Trasformate, Equazioni Differenziali

Ed. Esculapio  --  Copertina

Also available in English:    Analytic functions, Integral Transforms, Differential Equations


F. Gazzola:    Analisi Matematica 2

Ed. LaDotta -- Copertina