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Visiting Positions

                                    IRENE MARIA SABADINI

1997  April 12--13,  AMS Congress, Maryland, USA:
``Regular functions of biquaternionic variables and applications''.
1998 October 4--10, Congress ``Dirac Operators and Applications'', Cetraro, Italy:
 ``Quaternionic linear operators: problems related to the link with regularity''.
 2000  October 30--November 3,  NATO Congress:
Advanced Research  Workshop  ``Clifford Analysis and its Applications'', Prague:
 ``Special first order systems and their resolutions''.
2001 October 1--5, Workshop ``Liaison theory and related topics'', at Politecnico di Torino, Italy:
``On the Hilbert scheme of curves of degree d and genus {{d-3}\choose 2}-1''.
2002 August 15--18 , ``ICM2002, section conference in Clifford analysis'', Macao, Cina:
(Plenary speaker,  declined).
2002  September 23--27, Workshop ``Algebraic Space Curves'', Politecnico di Torino, Italy,
seminar related to the lessons of professors  R. Hartshorne and M. Martin-Deschamps:
``Survey on the problem of the connectedness of the Hilbert scheme''.
2004 May 17--20,   Workshop ``Harmonic analysis, Signal Processing and Complexity'', Fairfax, VA, USA:
 ``Different approaches to the study of complexes of several Cauchy--Fueter and Dirac operators''.
2005 May 19--29, Congress ``International Conference on Clifford Algebras
and their Applications'', Toulose,  France:
  ``On the construction of quaternionic complexes''.
 (Plenary speaker).
2005 July  25--30,   5th  ISAAC Conference, Catania, Italy:
"Generalizations of the Dolbeault complex to quaternionic and Clifford analysis''.
2007 August 13--18,   6th  ISAAC Conference, Ankara, Turkey:
"Invariant Syzygies for systems of Hermitian Dirac operators".
2007 September 3--5, Workshop Clifford Analysis and Applications, Gent, Belgium:
 "An algebraic approach to systems of Hermitian Dirac operators"
(Plenary speaker).
2008 November 28,  Settima giornata Milano-Pavia in Pavia, Italy:
" Calcolo funzionale per n-uple di operatori e operatori quaternionici".
(Main speaker).
2009 July 13--18,  7th  ISAAC Conference, London,  UK.
"Duality theorems for slice hyperholomorphic functions".
2010 July  12--16,  Workshop IWOTA, Berlin, Germany :
 "A functional calculus based on axially monogenic functions".
2010 August 13--17, International Conference on Finite or
Infinite Dimensional Complex Analysis and Applications, Macao, Cina:
 "The inverse Fueter mapping theorem".
(Invited speaker).
2010 September 13--17, INdAM Workshop: Different Notions of Regularity
for Functions of Quaternionic Variable, Rome, Italy:
" The Fueter mapping theorem in integral form and its inverse".
2010 October 11--15, International Workshop on Modern Aspects of
Complex and Hypercomplex Analysis, Mexico City, Mexico:
 "Algebraic and cohomological methods in hypercomplex analysis".
(Invited speaker).
2010,  December 4,  Symposium in honor of Richard Delanghe at
the occasion of his 70th  birthday, Gent, Belgium:,
"Some integral formulas for slice monogenic functions and applications".
(Invited speaker).
2011 March 25-26, Workshop Complex Analysis, its Generalizations and Applications, Aveiro, Portugal: 
 "Computational Algebraic Analysis of the Dirac Complex".
2011 June 27-30,  Conference: Function theory and operator theory:
infinite dimensional and free setting,  Ben-Gurion University, Israel:
"Slice monogenic functions and a functional calculus for n-tuples of operators". (Main speaker).
2011  July 15-20,  9th International Conference on Clifford Algebras and their Applications (ICCA9),
 at the Bauhaus-University Weimar, Germany:
"Some integral transforms for slice hyperholomorphic functions".
2011 August 22-27, 8th International ISAAC Congress, Moscow, Russia:
"Recent developments on the algebraic analysis of the Dirac complex".


1997 February 21, George Mason University, USA:
``Regular functions of biquaternionic variables and Maxwell's equations''.
1997 June 27,  Universita' di Trento, Italy:
 ``Funzioni regolari di una variabile biquaternionica''.
1998  Jenuary 15, Universita' di Pavia, Italy:
 ``Alcune estensioni dell'analisi complessa e applicazioni alle equazioni di Maxwell''.
1999 September 9,  State University of Gent, Belgium, Italy:
 ``Some algebraic methods in hypercomplex analysis''.
2002 October 21, Universita' degli Studi di Milano, Italy:
 ``Alcuni risultati sul problema della connessione dello schema di Hilbert''.
2002 November 21, Charles University of Prague, Czech Repepublic.:
``Computational Algebraic Analysis: an introduction''.
2005 August 26, University of Maryland at College Park, USA:
 ``Algebraic methods in the study of Dirac-like systems''.
2006 March 1, Universita' di Trento, Italy:
 ``Forme differenziali e complesso di Cauchy-Fueter''.
2006 November 24 , Charles University of Prague, Czech Reepublic:
 ``Toward a theory of megaforms''.
2007 March 28, Universita' di Firenze, Italy:
 ``Sizigie di operatori in analisi quaternionica''.
2007 May 10, Chapman University, CA, USA:
''A new notion of monogenic functions''.
2008 November 12, State University of Gent,  Belgium:
 ``Recent results on slice hyperholomorphy".
2009 November 19, Chapman University, CA, USA:
''Slice hyperholomorphy and its functional calculus''.
2010 May 7, Charles University of PragueCzech Republic:
 ``Slice hyperholomorphic functions and the Fueter mapping theorem in integral form".
2010 May 21 , Universita' Milano Bicocca, Italy:
 "Alcune proprieta` e applicazioni delle funzioni slice-iperolomorfe".
2010 June 6,  Politecnico di Milano, Italy:
" Un'introduzione alle funzioni slice-iperolomorfe".
2010 November 9, Chapman University,  CA, USA:
''Algebraic Analysis in Quaternionic and Clifford Analysis''.